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USB Stack v5.0- bare metal (no OS) USB Stack- no Timer interrupt

Question asked by Yogesh kulkarni on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by Yogesh kulkarni

I used this stack on the FRDM K64 board using GCC_ARM compiler (Modified the Makefile in the HID keyboard example to use the arm-none-eabi  gcc arm compiler). I want FRDM K64  in the Host mode.


When I attach the keyboard , it hangs in the while loop waiting for the timer expiry interrupt to occur.  I do not have any debugger to take a trace, but below is the sequence of operation.


_usb_khci_attach()  got called when key board gets attached. This further calls


    usb_hal_khci_set_device_addr(g_usb_instance.instance, 0);

    OS_Gpio_set_value(pin, 1);




    OS_Time_delay(150); --------------------------------------------------------------> It hangs here.


    OS_Gpio_set_value(pin, 0);



I was able to reach to the conclusion after some debugging by adding additional  prints as below:


The timer expiry interrupt function delay_isr() never gets called even though it was installed by calling delay_init() in beginning of main(). Why the timer expiry interrupt function delay_isr() is not getting called inspite of initialising the same ?