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i.MX6:  Where to find fbCreateWindow

Question asked by Matthew Davis on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Matthew Davis

I'm trying to convert my EGL code to use the virtual framebuffer on Android 4.4 and I'm looking for the symbols fbGetDisplayByIndex and fbCreateWindow, but I don't see them in the Vivante EGL libraries.  I pulled and from the demo BSP and neither one has these functions.  I also pulled the 5.0 BSP and tried the same (newer versions won't work with 4.4 due to linker/loader incompatibilities) with no luck.


Is there a separate library that contains these functions, or am I looking at the wrong version of the libraries?  When I search "GPU SDK" and similar terms in the download center, I find an SDK that contains documents and very nice demo code, but no libraries.  It's not clear to me where I should be getting the libs and headers to support this feature.