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Kboot Disable NMI_b

Question asked by Alexander Agudelo on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by mjg8t

Hi guys, I'm working in a custom board with the KL25Z64. PTA4 (NMI_b) is configured in my application as output with a pulldown resistor. When I run the app without the bootloader everything works fine, but when used in combination with the bootloader, nothing happens.


I reckon Kboot leaves the NMI_DIS (FOPT register) bit enabled by default, thus triggering the interrupt constantly and never running the main application.


I tried changing the flash configuration in my startup_MKL25Z4.s file from:

  .section .FlashConfig, "a"
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFE


  .section .FlashConfig, "a"
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFF7FE   /* Change here */


But it doesn't seem to work.


I also tried adding the NMI handler to my system_MKL25Z4.c and change the pin mode to ALT1 from there. But I'm not even sure if my interrupt handler is being triggered at all!!

void NMI_Handler(void)
  PORT_BWR_PCR_MUX(PORTA, 4, 1);     // Select ALT1
  FGPIO_SET_PDDR(PTA, 1 << 4);             // Make pin an output
  FGPIO_WR_PCOR(PTA, 1 << 4);             // Output LOW


I'm probably doing something very silly. Any help will be much appreciated.