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Release toolchain, result in "illegal instruction for this processor"

Question asked by Gabriel Ghita on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by Martin Kovar


I have tried to change the toolchain used, from debug to release, but I have faced a strange compiler error: "illegal instruction for this processor".


I have changed the toolchain from Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Tool Chain Editor -> Current toolchain, selecting PowerPC Release Toolchain, instead of PowerPC Debug Toolchain.


Even a new project, will fail to build, with this error: "illegal instruction for this processor", in file: Execptions.c, in function:

__asm void EXCEP_InitExceptionHandlers(void) { nofralloc      /* Set the IVPR to the Exception Handlers memory area defined in the lcf file */      lis r0, EXCEPTION_HANDLERS@h     ori r0, r0, EXCEPTION_HANDLERS@l     mtivpr  r0     /* IVORxx registers are "hard-wired" in the e200z0 and z0h cores */     blr }

at lis, ori and blr instructions, also in other files at nop instruction also.


I am using:

CodeWarrior for MCU (Special Edition Suite); Version: 10.6; Build Id:140329



Is this a licensing issue (PowerPC Release Toolchain cannot be used on Special Edition Suite)?

Did I do something wrong?

Or it is simply, a bug?


PS: This file (Execptions.c) is generated by CW when a new project is created and it is not created or modified by me.


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