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Processor Expert and Serial I2C EEPROMs

Question asked by Richard Fox on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by Richard Fox

When using the Processor Expert component, I2C_LDD, to access a serial EEPROM, how,is the

device address specified? I am using an ST 24C16 chip. The device select code is the standard

0xA0, plus the 3 MSB address bits. The Processor Expert methods such as SelectSlaveDevice

require the device address as a parameter, But the generated code checks for an address

greater than 127 and flags an error if found.


The 24C16 uses the 3 MSB address bits as a 2K block select. The memory address is the offset

within the 2K block. How is the device address specified to get the 0xA0 sent on the I2C bus?