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Code Warrior Lost Project in Moving or Renaming Folder

Question asked by Jay Moskowitz on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by ZhangJennie

In creating a new folder to test new version of code, Code Warrior has lost my project.

I have a folder called "MyProject - Sandbox" with some 50 C files in various sub-folders. I use Code Warrior (CW) 5.9.0 to build the HCS12XD files along with Processor Expert to create support files. Everything was working 100%.


Being done with the development, I renamed the entire project folder to "MyProject". But when I went to make a change to a module it said I did not have a project file and I need to create a new one. It would be pretty difficult to recreate the project with all the 50 files and the all proper settings of the Processor Expert which I don't have documented.


To diagnose the problem, I copied the MyProject folder and all of its contents to a new folder called MyProject - Sandbox, the original name before I renamed it. Then I open the project.mcp file to start CW and it gave me a lot of message saying I had duplicate files. It then left me with a list a just a few of the Files in the project under the Files list. And now, when I go back to the MyProject folder that I just copied from, instead of saying I have no project, it i showing me the same partial list that I saw in MyProject - Sandbox.


Where has my project been lost to???? Everything was working 100% and was about ready to deliver to the client and now I don't know where my project has gone.