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Detected HDMI controller 0x0:0x0:0x0:0x0 with chip part number of MCIMX6Q4AVT10A

Question asked by 赵双朋 赵 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by 赵双朋 赵

Hi, all

when debug HDMI in IMX6Q, I found that "Detected HDMI controller 0x0:0x0:0x0:0x0",

based on the question link as follows,

hdmi controller 0x0:0x0:0x0:0x0

it seems that if the part number of imx6 chip is MCIMX6Q4AVT10A*, the hdmi controller is not usable ?

is it right ? can any one help to double check ?