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Kinetis Design Studio acts strangely

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Diego Colombo

In the last hours KDS works erroneusly .Seems that restatring the PC put it in the right way sometimes,just sometimes.

The errors are going from wrong variable assignement to unexplicable code jumps

e.g.   my_x=3; resulting in debugger and in code flows as my_x=2


loops inside an if block


as in the below case you can see as a decimal number 80 is assigned as it was 0x80.

To say it all at first it was blink_x=0x80,but once corrected cleaned and recompiled i still have 0x80

KDS wrong behaviour 0X80 instead of 80.png

as you can see by the assembly code.



Any hint?