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Uboot hang on booting from QSPI

Question asked by jiten patel on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by jiten patel

I am working on LS2085a based custom board. The board has NOR(same as in LS2085aQDS) and QSPI(S25fs256s) interface. We are able to boot the board successfully form NOR. Now my requirement is to boot the board from QSPI interface. For that the following changes i did

1) changed RCW src = serial NOR

2) BOOT_LOC = Serial NOR

3) FLASH_MODE = Serial NOR (QSPI) 1 channel 24-bit Addressing

4) IFC_GRP_A_BASE = Serial NOR (QuadSPI) enabled

5) Also changed PBI data of  BOOTLOCPTRL and BOOTLOCPTRH registers to point address of u-boot image. In our case u-boot image is flashed to offset 0x10000.


We found out that u-boot is getting stuck when we tried to boot from QSPI. On debugging we found out that during early initialization sequence early_mmu_setup function is failing and causing u-boot to hang. On commenting this function we are able to get u-boot prompt but with some errors and also we are not able to boot kernel image(because of skipping mmu setup).

Does any mmu related setup is required for QSPI boot ?