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KBoot v2: User Application Settings

Question asked by Sebastian Lenz on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hello everyone,


I was playing a litte bit with the new Kinetis Bootloader v2.0.0 the last days. Everything worked well with the Bootloader and the example user application "led_demo".

But now I wanted to try the bootloader with the KSDK 2.0 example "bubble". But the app doesn't start, I can connect to bootloader with "KinetisFlashTool" without reseting the board.


In my opinion I use the wrong linker settings. But I already replaced the original linker file of the KSDK example with the one of the "led_demo" and I created a customized linker file described in "How to adapt KDS applications for KBOOT bootloader" pdf. All without success....


Can anyone of you give me a hint, how to prepare my own apps, so that they work with KBOOTv2??



Thanks in advance,