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How to install sdk under linux

Question asked by Peter Eisenhuth on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Iva Susnova

I have managed to install the IDE and the update for the new sdk 2.x sdk.

I am at a complete loss regarding installation of the SDK.  I am a new boy regards eclipse and Freescale (now part of NXP) products and the installation procedures leave me baffled and I have not been able to find any guidance on the NXP site.


Installation of the SDK now has me the pulling hair out stage.

I have a couple of questions that I need cleared up.


1.  Is the SDK version 2 really ready? I sk since the page allowing it to be configured for a particular configuration and tool set had the SDK 2 option greyed out ??


2.  f I were to use SDK 2 do I need SDK 1, ie is SDK 2 intended to be an addition to SDK 1 ?


3.  How do I install an SDK?  Does the IDE need to know that it is installed and how do we go about telling it?


I have found many different "how to" videos regarding installing the  IDE and SDK but they have been for Windows and used executables but linux is supplied with archive files and no trace of anything approaching what could possible described as an instruction. So I took a deep breath and tried it with windows in a virtual machine. Alas the was found not to work under windows and I was told to go to a log file which I have no idea how to find. The file works under linux.  My frustration level is enormous at the moment.  Any assistance that can be given will be immensely appreciated, believe me.