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RD9Z1-638-4Li-SW Current measurement

Question asked by 主 竹 on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by Wolfgang Bihlmayr

Hi all

I’m working with the demo software provided by Freescale for RD9Z1-638-4Li-SW. I’m finding it when I reading the current measurement register (ACQ_CURR) there always something wrong (I think).Because when there is no load (only the board) I also see the current result is almost 200mA(the board consume is probably 20mA).

  1. Is there some offset in the ACQ_CURR when I reading it. How can I get the really result or when the board is reset what is the result of the ACQ_CURR(it is 0xFFFFFF ?).
  2. How Can I understanding the register ACQ_AHC? What is the unit of the register?  How is the register increasing ? eg. When a current (150mA) runs one minute, I read the ACQ_AHC register increased 7690884.what is the meaning of the number 7690884?

Thanks for all answer!!!