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Question asked by Leonardo Govoni on Jun 1, 2016
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I am brand new to the Qorivva systems and I work on Hardware design using NXP Microcontrollers.

I am building a system with five MPC5748G Microprocessors and I need to design the Program and Debug access ports.

I cannot decide whether to use JTAG oder NEXUS interface. Moreover I want to understand if connecting all the five uCs

with only one debug port (daisy chain configuration) is a good idea or not.

In the Reference Manual I couldn't find enough information.

In the AN5220 Hardware design guidelines they just state how to connect a JTAG, and in the Manual of the development board it is only showed the connectors' pinout. They don't say anything about multiple uCs.

I found a document AN3968 about the Nexus connector relative to the MPC567 family, is it the same for MPC5748?

But no document says anything about Daisy chaining multiple ICs.


Can somebody help me to figure out the best way to debug my system?

Among all the listed debuggers, is there a good price/performances compromise?


thank you very much in advance!