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Kinetis 2 bugs

Question asked by Kenneth Tait on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by Marek Trmac

Using Linux 64 bit with Latest KDS

2 annoying bugs here wasting my time:

1.     Go to help->search

     type in CPU_ to search for all the valid cpu defines

     hit GO,

     pulls up 77 items.

     Click on first item, KDS BLOWS UP and exits with no warning.


2.     Compile a project under debug, loads and runs fine with PE multilink.

          Compile release version of project, no errors

          Try to flash project, multilink will not connect to target, sees mulitlink it, but won't connect.

          I am ASSUMING it's because target is MK22FN1m0 and code is linked to MK22FN512.

          So if this is the issue why is there no error message telling me it actually DID find it but it'snot what was           expected.      Why is there no forced override?