Malcolm Hartnell

MCF5445x running code from internal SRAM

Discussion created by Malcolm Hartnell on Mar 7, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2008 by Malcolm Hartnell
Has anyone been able to run code in the internal SRAM of the MCF5445x processor without enabling back-door access? If you have, how did you do it?
I can run code if the back-door is enabled but according to the device errata you shouldn't enable back-door and core access at the same time. When I only enable the back-door my code runs about 40% slower which I assume is because back-door access is slower than core access and my stack is in the SRAM. If I don't enable back-door access then the processor resets as soon as a function is called that sits in the SRAM. I can read and write data (and the stack) when only core access is enabled but can't run code.