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Recover FRDM K64F

Question asked by Mikael Hakansson on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Mikael Hakansson

I've got an FRDM K64F and it's been working fine for weeks. However, I think I've messed something up as I can't mount the board to the USB any more. When I hook it up, nothing happened. I've tried booting it up in bootloader mode and the USB drive came alive so I downloaded the latest firmware and restarted the device but with the same result after I've restarted it.

There is a red led next to the reset button which I don't think was lit before (see image). Matters got even worse as I accepted the defeat and bought another board...and now I have two K64F with the same issue...

Cheers Mikael