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Reducing imx6 yocto build size for custom board

Question asked by FREE SAMPLES on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Victor Linnik

Hello Yocto Team,


I have read documents but couldn't find a neat way to reduce the size of sdcard image for the dual-lite SABRE board I have.


Our custom board is targeted for 16MB nor flash which uses imx6solo processor. I am using yocto environment and building images using "core-image-base" and "core-image-minimal" that ends up with 100MB/29MB on L4.1.15.x release.


I understand my sdcard image contains uboot+kernel+dts+rootfs. My understanding is uboot+kernel+dts is small <10MB but the file-system is taking more space ( I even tried playing around packages_ipk and packages_rpm with no luck).


Could you please advise?


Thank you,