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DLP-STANDARD-FL (amount of licenses)

Question asked by Josef Lamka on Jun 1, 2016
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We've bought two licences of DLP-STANDARD-FL. Unfortunately, it look like we have got only one license for the "Win32_ColdFire_Flash" (one for v6 and one for v7). Is it correct? How can I ask NSP for check that my license key is OK?





Users of Win32_ColdFire_Flash:  (Total of 2 licenses issued;  Total of 0 licenses in use)


NOTE: lmstat -i does not give information from the server,

      but only reads the license file.  For this reason,

      lmstat -a is recommended instead.


Feature Version  # licenses    Expires Vendor

_______ _______  __________    _______ ______

Win32_ColdFire_Flash   6      1   1-jan-0 metrowks

Win32_ColdFire_Flash   7      1   1-jan-0 metrowks


Thank you.