Processor Expert to KSDK-2.0

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I have one FRDM-K64F-AGM01 and also one BRKT-STBC-AGM01.

I have tested some examples with mbed code and work. Both, the compiler online as exporting to KDS 3.0.2.


I have tried the FXO8700CQ integrated in the K64F with mbed code and works well. (i2c address 0x1d)  Test_FXOS8700CQ - a mercurial repository | mbed


I would try the Sensor ToolBox application but I think it is only available for Windows, I use Fedora 23 64bit.


Now, I would like to use the FRDM-K64F-AGM01 (both, K64F + STBC-AGM01) with Processor Expert and ISF 2.2 (Intelligent Sensig Framework).


I have installed KDS 3.0.2 (eclipse platform 4.4.2)


Processor Expert for KDS version -> 3.0.2b151214

Processor Expert KPSDK specific features -> 1.3.0.RT7_b1550-0615

Processor Expert Core -> 1.4.1.RT7_b1550-0615

Freescale Custom Actions Updater for Eclipse 3.7 and 4.2.x ( version 2.0.12)


Installed the Processor Expert PEupd file containing the ISF components  ISF R2P2 PEx.PEupd


Generated the SDK 2.0 to FRDM-K64F and added to Processor Expert Paths. (image 1)






I tried to create a new Processor Expert project but does not allow me to select the Kinetis SDK 2.0 in Rapid Application Development.  Only KSDK_1.3.0, KSDK manual selection or None.


Is it not possible to create a PE project with the SDK-2.0 or no other way for it?



Other question, I wanted to try this DataLogger created by David Munsinger but I can not see the images of the blog, tells me forbidden. Do you know if there is any way to see it? Or if in another place where it is displayed correctly?


Creating a Data Logger embedded application using the Intelligent Sensing Framework (ISF 2.1)


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