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Cosumized Bootloader Problem

Question asked by Yaniv Bouhadana on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Mark Butcher

I'm working with K64 and KDS .

since there is no USB Host Bootloader for this device I'm tring to implement my own Bootloader.

Based on a "BM USB Host" example for this device (USB Host Project with KSDK 1.3 and Processor Expert ) I created a tool which read and parse .hex file in order to program it automatically.

I edited the original linker file for the code to push adresses by 0x020000 so all the data should be writen in the rest of the memory.

After overcoming HEX Parsing, Flash Saving and USB integration here comes the last problem:
after flashing all the hex data to adresses 0x020000 and on I resetting the device and the default BL program supposed to do "Jump" to the 0x020000 section . Ive tried both options suggested in tje NXP examples:

1. direct call to void* :



2. asmembly "blx" command:



both options resetting the device right after the jump and the "Post" printf is not printed even (its directly go to "reset" sequence).

what did i do wrong? is there any special permision or special preperation i should to to the original source sotwere before compiling it or generating the Hex file?