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mfgtool, imx-usb-loader with SPL and u-boot

Question asked by Birger Bauch on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Birger Bauch


the default u-boot configuration for the imx6ul-evk use u-boot_2015.04. Here the compiled bootloader consist only of on singe u-boot binary u-boot.imx. These u-boot.imx file can be loaded via USB with the mfgtool as well as the imx-usb-loader imx_usb.


Using the fslc community version of the imx6ul-evk bsp the default bootloader is u-boot_2016.05. Here the compiled bootloader is divided into SPL and u-boot. I am able to load the SPL with the imx-usb-loader imx_usb or the mfgtool. But how can I load the following u-boot binary u-boot.img?


Is there any description available how to load the SPL followed by u-boot on the iMX6ul-EVK via USB boot?