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is it possible to turn RF field on without pn532 going into power down mode?

Question asked by Eveline Ververgaert on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Dear fellow programmers,


For my team test suite (a project for school) it is required to turn the RF field on (on the Adafruit pn532 break out board).

I found a way to turn it on, but it refuses to stay on: (partial of the code comes from the adafruit pn532 library)


bool AdafruitPn532Extended::SetFieldOn()


  commandbuffer[0] = PN532_COMMAND_RFCONFIGURATION;

  commandbuffer[1] = 0x01;

  commandbuffer[2] = 0x01;


  if (!sendCommandCheckAck(commandbuffer, 3))


     return 0x0;  // no ACK


  return 1;



I also tried:


bool AdafruitPn532Extended::CheckForReadableTarget()


  uint16_t timeout = 0;




  commandbuffer[1] = 1;  // max 1 cards at once (we can set this to 2 later)

  commandbuffer[2] = PN532_MIFARE_ISO14443A;


  if (!sendCommandCheckAck(commandbuffer, 3, timeout))


    return 0x0;  // no cards read


  return 1;



With this code it works once, then I have to manual remove the tag or adafruit-PN532 breakout shield in order for it to work again.


My best guess is, it's either the first one where power down mode has to be turned off in a way. Or the second option where most probably I have to trick the RF field detection into thinking a new tag was placed in the field.


I thank you very much for your time.