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Can't erase a flash sector on FRDM- K64F board

Question asked by Diego Colombo on May 30, 2016
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please can i have your help?


I have an FRDM- K64F board,in a baremetal project using KDS with ProcessorExpert instead of SDK libraries.

The CPU runs at 100MHz,bus at 50 MHz,Flash at 25 MHz

I need to erase a sector,starting at 0xFF000.I tried with the IntFlash component,and the EraseSector function,but it does not works,the sector remains unaltered.

I used a second clock configuration,thinking that the problem was because of the core excessive clock frequency compared to Flash ,so i slowed everything at half speed,except Flash clock..

The problem is that i'm not shure about what happens at startup..the code stucks in a timer interrupt routine,unless i move through it step by step..

In some way(that i would be glad to understand)the code walks outside it and runs "normally",but once more it can't erase the sector starting at 0xFF000,does not matter  if a .Cpu_SetClockConfiguration(1) function is called to slower the clock.

Furthermore What i don't understand is because before calling this function the CPU behaves differently, it should be still running in clock_configuration 0,that was the same that i used previously.

If i check the clock configuration during PE_low_level_init is confirmed that is=0;

Started with wrong foot or both feet?


Thanks for any help