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I2C failure

Question asked by Carol Trudel on May 30, 2016

I2C Failure.


experienced a situation in our system where the I2C interface was showing
intermittent failures. We’ve discovered that the hardware was performing with
logic levels that were just barely within the electrical specs for the
MC9S08SH32 CPU. The consequence in software was that the CPU could jump to
random places in the code with no control over it Code Warrior. In some cases,
the watchdog would eventually reset the system. We’re using the InternalI2C
Processor Expert component in polling mode.


addressed the hardware issue and the system is much more stable. However I
would like to know if this is possible for the Processor Expert InternalI2C
component to become upset in the presence of unreliable hardware to the point
where the application software gets lost. Should we used a different operating
mode for the I2C component to ensure a more predictable behavior in case of
hardware failure ?