Rahul Satuluri

PCB Layour files for DR1128 (JN5168 USB dongle)

Discussion created by Rahul Satuluri on May 30, 2016


I am looking for the schematics for the DR1128 dongle of the JN5168.


Can somebody please help me? I am using Orcad Lite and want to perform my JN5168 board design with a few additional components on the board.

I tried opening the Ref design from http://cache.nxp.com/documents/other/JN-RD-6021.zip . But it contains the Schematic in the PDF format. THe PCB and the SCH files in the PADS <ZipExtractFolder>\DR1128_USB-Programming-Board-1V2\PADS are not properly opening with PCB Artist or Express PCB or even the Orcad tool itself.


P.S: I am a beginner in using the Simulators and PCB design. Kindly excuse any mistakes and help