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PAN802154 and BeeStack

Question asked by Alejandro Bermudez on Mar 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2008 by Alejandro Bermudez
Hi, can someone explain to me how to configure the BeeStack wizard to work with a PAN802154 module (similar to SARD) for a WirelessUART project?

I have found several threads about the PAN802154 but there arent detailed steps for a simple configuration with the BeeKit tool (and its documentation doesnt seem to have them, I have to read more tho).

I have heard that I need some kind of configuration file that I would have to ask to Panasonic support, does anyone knows where can I find this file?

Anyway, I still have to research more but mean while, if someone wants to give me some guidance, I would appreciate so much.

Thanks for your help.