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H264 VPU IPU FB - fastest path?

Question asked by damiansurma on May 27, 2016
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I've got H.264 movie that i need to resize and play on linux framebuffer (i.mx6 quad). For now i am using vpu to decode and rotate 180 deg. Rotate buffer is an input to 4 ipu tasks that copy the image directly to FB (fbfix.smem_start).


Decode 720p and display rotated 1080p:

1. VPU - decode 2-5 ms, rotate 2-5 ms -> 4-10ms

2. IPU task 1 - resize - 8-10 ms

3. IPU task 2 - resize - 8-10 ms

4. IPU task 3 - resize - 8-10 ms

5. IPU task 4 - resize - 8-10 ms


As you can see it takes max 50ms for one frame. For normal movies 25 fps its to high value. Is it my calculation correct? How can i check ipu clock frequency? How to achieve smooth 30fps mp4 rotated and resized to 1080p?