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Is there a free 32kb version of codewarrior 5.1 for HCS12(X) mcus?

Question asked by chris sam on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by Rodney McGee

Hi all,


I am using MC9S12XDT512 and I have a code smaller than 32kb. When I download the CW 5.2 special edition which in the specifications says that supports the MC9S12XDT512 mcu I can not find it. Then i get CW 5.1 that supports the mcu. The problem is that when the evaluation ends, after 30 days have passed, the IDE does not open. A message that the license has expired is displayed and the program ends itself.

Shouldn't it be converted to work until 32kb?

Is there to run my program with a free license?


Thank you in advance,