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IMX6 Quad and Dual boot issue from eMMC

Question asked by Yongwoo Lee on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by igorpadykov

@Hi. I am developing the board with IMX6 Quad and Dual.


Both have the boot issue when it powers on. Only when the power is on within 3 seconds or less, the board is booting from the eMMC properly. Otherwise, the board always goes into USB serial boot mode.


When the POR_B is reset again, then it boots normally.


This board is using



- PF0100NPEAP which is using the same script of F0 pre-programmed

- 4 DDR3

- 4G eMMC


Actually, I have done the same project with IMX6-Dual and 2 DDR3. This board is working perfectly.

Basically, both projects with 2 DDR3 and with 4 DDR3 are identical. Same Dual processor and same PMIC PF0100NPEAP.


However, the board with 4 DDR3 has the boot issue as I described above.


According to the errata, I add the 1uF on the POR_B to make a delay until the 32KHz external crystal gets stable and other power rails.


I can search the similar issue related to the boot. Do you have any solution about it?