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How to set sim module baud rate on imx6ul ?

Question asked by mark chien on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Yuri Muhin



Did you have any idea with setting sim module baud rate on imx6ul?

In IMX6UL.RM ch45, we set SIM Control Register bit 6~8 to determine baud rate.



My question is :

1. If i want to set flexible divisor, i need to set sim baud_sel  register to "111". And set the SIM Divisor Register.

    But i set any value to this register. It fail on data transmit. So, what value i need to set ?




2. If i set the two register above, i need to set the sample12 register at the same time?


     If i enable this register, it means what value divide by 12 ? 


3. Could you support me a way to set divisor with these register ??