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B4860 core 0 released for boot but in doze after reset.

Question asked by Jonathan Baird on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Jonathan Baird


For initial bring-up of our B4860 we have selected the hard-coded RCW (cfg_rcw_src[0:8]=0b0_1000_0110).

Using a USB TAP we can get to a point where DCFG_CCSR_BRR = 0x00000001 (release core 0 for boot) but core 0 is in a doze state. How do we avoid this or recover from it?

We don't see the same behaviour with a B4860QDS with hard-coded RCW.

Our SYSCLK = 66.667MHz and DDRn_CLKs = 133.333 MHz.

In case it's related, we also see another difference between our system and B4860QDS: When looking at registers with USB TAP, reading I2C registers seems to crash something and registers become unreadable, needing a restart to recover.

I'm a B4860 rookie, so any help with where to start looking for the cause would be appreciated.