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IMX6Q Android 6 "Starting kernel" freeze

Question asked by Leonardo Prates on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by SergioSolis

I have a custom board based on IMX6Q SabreSD. I have created the images using Android Users Guide. Uboot works well and calls kernel, but after "Starting kernel" it freezes.



For test purpose I have changed boot.img and recovery.img to prebuilt images. The uboot.imx and system.img (compiled by me) are untouched in SDCard and with this configuration kernel starts. This test excludes problems in uboot or env variables passed to the kernel.



I followed exactly the android user guide procedures, what can be wrong?



IIn kernel compile process address passed is LOADADDR=0x10008000, but when uboot calls I see addresses with 0x12000000 and 0x14000000. Why?



I have created boot.img and recovery.img using second step in documentation with:


make bootimage BUILD_TARGET_DEVICE=sd


make recoveryimage BUILD_TARGET_DEVICE=sd



How can I be sure that images created are really for SD? I think my problem could be related with these memory address or boot.img not correct for SD.