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Boundary scan test issue on IMX6

Question asked by Luc Dalongeville on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Luc Dalongeville

On a design with IMX6 solo MCIMX6S7CVM08AC, connect to a Goepel tool, we have the following issue:

- TMS=1, 5 clocks -> state machine is in TLR state (OK).

- go to shift DR, put on TDI 52H (01010010), after 32+8 clocks we read on TDO:

0101010 00011000100100011011000000011101 (first bit right) where

-first "1" IEE1149.1 requirement

-"00000001110"  & -- Manufacturer Identity

-"1000100100011011"  & -- Part Number

-"0010"  & -- Version

-"01010010" (52H) Goepel "Testbyte" :  this testbyte is shifted through test bus chain to verified test bus.

---> This test is OK

- go to IR, load bypass instruction.

- return to DR shift, put Testbyte on TDI, read on TDO:

- 010100100 (first bit right):

- first "0" : bypass register

- 01010010: Test byte

---> This test is OK

- go to IR, load sample/preload instruction.

- return to DR shift, put on TDI Testbyte (01010010) then 010101...(652 bit, it's the boundary scan lenght).

- after 652 + 8 clock  we must read Testbyte --> This test fail, all bit are set at 0.

In fact, we cannot control the BSR (Boundary Scan Register), we try also with Extest instruction, it's the same answer.

Fuse are not burned on the board.

We try the same test on a SABRE PLATEFORM, with a PCIMX6U8DVM10AB, the same test is OK.

Compliance pattern are the same in the two case :     "(TEST_MODE, JTAG_MOD, POR_B)= (011)".

Could you help us, please.


Luc Dalongeville