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i.MX6 - GPIO Bit Lane Issue

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Carlos_Musich

I have four GPIO bits that I have defined as inputs and all have external pull-ups so I would expect to read a one on all bits.


Here is my device tree configuration:

                MX6QDL_PAD_GPIO_3__GPIO1_IO03          0x80000000      // gpio0

                MX6QDL_PAD_GPIO_4__GPIO1_IO04          0x80000000      // gpio1

                MX6QDL_PAD_GPIO_5__GPIO1_IO05          0x80000000      // gpio2

                MX6QDL_PAD_GPIO_6__GPIO1_IO06          0x80000000      // gpio3


When I actaully read the values, the bits are set but they are still in their register bit alignment as shown.


root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# echo in > gpio3/direction

root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# echo in > gpio4/direction

root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# echo in > gpio5/direction

root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# echo in > gpio6/direction

root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# cat gpio3/value


root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# cat gpio4/value


root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# cat gpio5/value


root@imx6soloc421:/sys/class/gpio# cat gpio6/value



Anybody know why this is happening?