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CCS failed to connect after Ubuntu update

Question asked by Vincent Siles on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Vincent Siles


this morning, following an Ubuntu update, I can't manage to connect to my LS1021atwr board anymore.

Here is ccs log:


No clients denied (bin) 49 % config cc cmsisdap Identified CMSIS-DAP SERNUM: 20000203C5231E0638DFC1FE Firmware version: 0203 0: CMSIS-DAP (cmsisdap) CC software ver. {0.3} (bin) 50 % ccs::config_server 0 10000 rddi_CMSIS_DAP_DetectNumberOfDevices failed : 0x100d (bin) 51 % 


On a second atempt, I get

rddi_CMSIS_DAP_Connect failed : 0x100b


I checked th udev rule for cmsis_dap and they are still here.

What could be the cause of these errors ? Any idea on a posible fix ?