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i.MX6QD SABRE rev C5 reference design schematics out of sync with PCB

Question asked by Andrew Hall on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by Artur Petukhov



I hope I'm asking at the right place.


I downloaded the rev C5 of the SABRE reference design from SABRE Board Reference Design|NXP  and am finding some problems.


The download gave me OrCAD schematics SCH-27516_C5.DSN and Allegro PCB file LAY-27392_C.brd, these are from Feb 2015.


But the Rev C5 schematics has changed component footprint for U512, from BGA169_0P5_12X16 to FBGA153_0P5_11P5X13, which have different pinouts. I was only expecting BOM level changes.


Also there's a connectivity breakage in the schematics at Q6. It looks like something got placed off-grid, the OVPROT_5V net no longer connects to Q6 pin 5, although it does in the .brd.


My PCB layout guy says that he did a design based on schematics rev C3 a while back, and that was in sync with the rev C board.


So, it looks like the C5 schematics shouldn't have been released?


Also, can I get a definitive Freescale copy of C3 OrCAD schematics, or C4 if it still matches the PCB?


Thanks so much!