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MMA8491Q Accuracy

Question asked by Marc Vandegaar on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Marc Vandegaar

Hi Everybody,


I am actually evalutating the 3 axis accelerometer MMA8491Q using the XTRINSIC-SENSE evaluation board.

I am disapointed what the accuracy seems to be.

The evaluation board just lays on a table. There are no movements nor vibration at all.

The application just read the 3 coordinates every 500ms. As I look at the results, I see absolute deviations from one reading to the other going upto 50mG (0.05G). I have more or less the same maximum deviations on all 3 axis.

Is that the best accuracy one can expect from this device or is there something I am missing?

Would the MMA8451 be more accurate (its resolution is 4 times higher than the MMA8491Q)?


Thank you for your help