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processor expert Version 0412 versus 0444 component failure

Question asked by Jay Moskowitz on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by Alice_Yang

I reported in a prior post that when I went to compile anything, I was getting an error "Timing setting failed. Not possible to generate code" and Error in the component setting. More details provided by Component Inspector for this component". In researching this further, I found that I was able to compile prior releases of the software in directories that had its own copy of the Project.mcp and files. I further found that all the versions that compiled properly had the following line at the start of the file: Processor Expert Version 0412. I compared the .pe of the prior releases and they were all the same. But the current software director file says Processor Expert Version 0444. A comparison to 0412 shows that 0444 has many other definitions in the file. So I saved that directory, made a copy, and replaced the .mcp and .pe files from the prior software version that worked. I was able to successfully compile and link the software changes.


So the questions are:

     1) How did I end up with a new .pe file for Version 0444 when nothing changed in the environment.

     2) Why do I get the two error messages when attempting to compile (which it will not allow me to do).


At lease I can get back to debugging code instead of debugging Code Warrior.