Tapio Rautio

Kinetis KL17 rom bootloader, is it configurable or replaceable?

Discussion created by Tapio Rautio on May 24, 2016

Hello, I am designing a device which will most probably be using MKL17Z256VLH4. KL17 was selected over KL16 since we needed VREF functionality.


Our concern is now that we need bootloader functionality over UART, and our interface is RS485/RS232 which needs several IO ports to be in certain states to be operational. I have been reading about this quite extensively and have not found information about being able to configure IO:s when using kl17 rom bootloader functionality. Is it possible to change to flash resident version of kboot using KDS and preferably KSDK 1.3.0 (due to lack of PE in sdk2) or some other solution to this.


I can't test this at the moment, since we originally planned using KL16 and therefore our test platform is FRDM-KL26Z.


Also one solution would be, if kboot cannot be used with KL17 in this way to change another device with more modifiable bootloader implementation with 3xUART, VREF and 256k of program memory along with being pin compatible with MKL17Z256VLH4.