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libjpeg-turbo on imx7 problem

Question asked by Aaron Padilla on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi, I need to install libjpeg turbo on my imx7 board, I am using the CL-SOM-imx7 board but I am compiling  yocto adding the next lines to local.conf:


IMAGE_INSTALL_append +="libjpeg-turbo kernel-modules"

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_jpeg = "libjpeg-turbo"

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_jpeg-native = "libjpeg-turbo-native"


and using:


DISTRO=fsl-imx-x11 MACHINE=imx7dsabresd source -b build-x11

bitbake fsl-image-gui


And then I burn my sd card from the .sdcard file but the files for libjpeg-turbo are not there, so searching in the output I found the compiled lib at:




So, I have copied the files manually to my target and the library is working but the conversion time is not good, I think that may be I am on libjpeg (non turbo) or may be it is because the version is not the later, I had tested the version 9 on a imx6sx with better results.


btw I use the application cjpeg.


So, how can I get installed the libjpeg-turbo in my target at compiling time?

How can I get the latest version?


Could you advice?


Thanks in advance,