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MRF1517 or MRF1518?

Question asked by Eric Hooker on May 23, 2016

For my application, I need Pout = 7 Watts in the 400 to 460 MHz band.  My nominal supply voltage is 12 VDC.  But, the supply voltage can drop as low as 8 VDC (RF power can drop 2 dB at 8 VDC).  Does NXP have any data on the MRF1518 at 8 VDC?  The data sheet shows power and efficiency down to 9 VDC (figures 8 & 9).  My application is also very PCB space limited and must be very low cost.  If I went with the MRF1517 then I would have to add a DC-DC converter to the PCB which adds cost and consumes PCB area.  Thank you in advance.