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FRDMK64F + KSDK MQX + PPP - low transfer speed

Question asked by Martin Kozusky on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Martin Kozusky

I had PPP running on FRDMK64-F with KSDK MQX and Cinterion BGS2-W modem (speeds around 2-3KB/s). I wanted higher speed so I bought Cinterion EHS5. It runs fine, but highest speed I can get is around 8KB/s

AT+CREG says I am connected to  "UTRAN w/HSDPA and w/HSUPA", so I should be getting much higher speeds.

I tried 750kbps serial speed, but no change in transfer speed compared with 115200.


Does anybody have any idea where the slowdown can happen? I don't know if anybody has PPP running in KSDK MQX, may be someone also had this problem with MQX Classic.


I will be trying FreeRTOS + lwip PPP, but KSD MQX solution would be better for me since I have my project already finished in KSDK MQX