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Why did Zigbee devices take a long time to do device announcements?

Question asked by freshmango90 on May 23, 2016

My network contains 2 routers and 1 coordinator. Please find attached the wireshark log (sorry, I don't know how to keep the log clean)



  • packet 392
    • MAC Address ending 0033 sends a broadcast message
    • Triggered if (the network indication status code was 0xDE (neighbor expired) and the short address is 0x0000)
    • after receiving broadcast message, routers reset using CPU reset request
  • packet 442
    • routers initializes and tries to join the network
  • packet 975 and 1027
    • routers finally do device announcements notice one router left between 442 to 975

My questions are:

  1. Why would the status show that 0x0000 neighbor is expired for that router, when the coordinator is still up?
  2. Also in the log, there's Leave messages, why would they show up (and why wouldn't transport key work?)
  3. Why did it take a long time to do device announcements? there's many failed attempts in between...

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