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imx6q/dl galcore clk definitions

Question asked by Victor Rubio on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by jamesbone

Hi all,


Working with custom boards based on imx6q/imx6dl processors and 3.14.57 freescale BSP based kernel I have seen the following message in the dmesg of Dual Lite processors at boot:


galcore: clk_get vg clock failed, disable vg!


Quad/Dual dtsi  file

gpu: gpu@00130000 {

          - - -

clocks = <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU2D_AXI>, <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_OPENVG_AXI>,

                                 <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_AXI>, <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU2D_CORE>,

                                 <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_CORE>, <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_SHADER>;

clock-names = "gpu2d_axi_clk", "openvg_axi_clk",

                                  "gpu3d_axi_clk", "gpu2d_clk",

                                   "gpu3d_clk", "gpu3d_shader_clk";

          - - -



Dual Lite dtsi file

gpu: gpu@00130000 {

          - - -

clocks = <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_OPENVG_AXI>, <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_AXI>,

                                 <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU2D_CORE>, <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_CORE>,

                                 <&clks IMX6QDL_CLK_DUMMY>;

clock-names = "gpu2d_axi_clk", "gpu3d_axi_clk",

                                  "gpu2d_clk", "gpu3d_clk",


          - - -



Looking at these dtsi files I have some questions:

  • "openvg_axi_clk" is not defined in the Dual Lite file, is there any reason for it?
  • "IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU2D_AXI" is not defined in the Dual Lite file, but the name is defined and matches a different clock, the "IMXQDL_CLK_OPENVG_AXI", which does not match with the definition in the Quad/Dual file.
  • "gpu3d_shader_clk" matches two different clocks "IMX6QDL_CLK_GPU3D_SHADER" and "IMX6QDL_CLK_DUMMY". Why does the "gpu3d_shader_clk" have a dummy clock in the Dual Lite file?



Best regards.