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K60DN512 FLEXCAN how to achieve RxFIFO ID filter

Question asked by dong zhang on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Daniel Chen


I read many times k60 manual about CAN module how to achieve RxFIFO id filter,but I still can not know ID filter element table how to work.My IDE is MDK 5.17

I enable RxFIFO through MCR->RFEN,enable individual mask through MCR->IRMQ,set MCR->IDAM to use format A,set 00 to CTRL2->RFEN let MB0~MB5 as RxFIFO,and MB6 and MB7 as filter element 0~7(IDAF0~7).

in the manual,RXIMRn is corresponding one by one with filter element table,so I thought RXIMR[0] is correspond with ID filter element 0(IDAF0),and IDAF0 address is same as MB[6].CS. So I set bit 19 to bit 29 0x50(0101_0000),and set RXIMR[0]bit 19 to bit 29 0x7FF to check the correspond bit is correct or not,after self loop test, it is failed to filter ID,i can receive any frame.So my understanding is not correct.

1.Could you share the detailed way to operate the ID Filter element table(IDAF) to achieve the function ?