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Could not reset / or attach MPC5748G  in trace32 using JTAG debugger

Question asked by chfakht chfakht on May 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by Peter Vlna

HI everyone,


I am using MPC5748G processor for a certain application and using Trace32 Lauterbach for debugging and flashing. My problem is that when my application resets the core multiple times, the processor goes in a state where it has to be power-cycled, and simply resting the target doesn't work.


meanwhile the debugger lists this error message :

"    system.up error: received invalid OSR (0x000)

                                - does the target assert JCOMP while RESET is asserted?

                                - is the device censored?

     error: received invalid OSR while core running (0x000) "



I have tried :Tools - Halt core at power-on reset.  But there is no cmm file found for this

so is it a hardware limitation or is there any script that can help me solve this problem ?


Looking forward reply,