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Booting i.MX6 Android from NOR FLASH

Question asked by MIKE SIMS on May 21, 2016
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I have questions about booting Android from NOR on a Sabre AI (imx6dl CPU2) board.


I am preparing a SW Build for our custom HW design by using the SabreAI board.   I have built the sw provided by NXP to boot Android from SD Card (this works well).  I am trying to adapt this SW to put u-boot and the boot image on the on-board 32MB NOR, but I do not see a way in U-Boot to use BOOTA from NOR.   Is U-Boot the right bootloader to use to boot from NOR??


For now, I am OK with having the remaining partitions on SD Card.  In our custom application, I would want the boot, bootimage, recoveryimage, and system partition on NOR.   Will I need to modify the FSTAB, INIT*.RC, or System Image to move these partitions from SD to NOR??


Thank you in advance for your answers...