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CAN not connected on DEMOAX9S12P128?

Question asked by lm-lechau on May 20, 2016
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We have bought the DEMOAX9S12P128 kit for MSCAN driver development. The user manual says: "However,  CAN  and  LIN  functionality  is  not  supported  when  power  solely  from  the  OSBDM". But it seems in fact that in this board, CAN is not connected at all?


We also checked with a multimeter that the SPI signal MOSI (PM4) was not connected to the SBC chip, while the PM4 pad reserved for the 112 pin MCU was. Also, in the schematics, the CAN and SPI signals (such as PM0_RXCAN0 and PM4_MOSI0) are labeled only on the 112 pin variants (U1), not the 80 pin variant (U2).


It's pretty strange that the board's user manual and Webpage don't mention anything about it: Demo Board for 9S12P128|NXP


1) Could you confirm our above finding? Or are we missing anything?

2) If we are right, would it be possible to connect a CAN transceiver to this board? Or is there another solution?


We wanted to move to DEMOAX9S12XEP100, but it's available nowhere


Thank you.