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Problem on programming interface MKE04

Question asked by Luca AGOSTINI on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Luca AGOSTINI

Hello to everybody, and many thanks to whom could give me an advice.


In the last months, I've been working with few Kinetis processor without any problems.

I'm now debugging a new board, which is using the MKE04Z128VLH (64 pin LQFP), and I'm facing a problem with the serial debug interface. I was trying to program the device with the USB PE micro and CodeWarrior, but I've got some errors.


So checking the signals on the SWD, I discovered that the reset pin is not stable although there's notting connected to it. In particular it's not stable at VCC (5V), but it seems that the microcontroller is lowering it close to 2V in average, having an alternate behaviour. So I'm not sure to have connected it to the right pin, and still wondering what is wrong.


To be clear, I've connected the pod (2x5x1.27mm) pins in this way:


PIN ON PODPin on Micro/ BoardPIN ON PODPin on Micro/Board
1VCC (+5V)2SWD_IO (pin 64 on micro)
3GND4SWD_CLK (pin 62 on micro)
9--10RESET_b (pin 63)


What I feel it's really strange is that I see the reset pin at an intermediate value, which is not VCC neither GND.


Can somebody help me?


Thank you in advance