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Question asked by YINGWU FANG on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by YINGWU FANG

我添加了cau_api.h、cau_lib.a和lib_mmcau.a文件会出现错误(..\src\drv\mmcau\cau_lib.a(1): error: A1167E: Invalid line start ),然后我做了下面的操作,编译是可以通过了,但是调用cau_des_encrypt()函数又出现这个错误..\obj\LOS_K21F.axf: error: L6008U: Could not recognize the format of member des_functions.o from cau_lib.a.),我用的编译器是Keil5.11,恳请工程师们帮忙解答下。


  • In the Project Explorer on the left, expand Drivers/eMD
  • Find libmpllib.a and right-click on it
  • Click on "Options for File 'libmpllib.a'"
  • Change "File Type" to "Library file"
  • Rebuild the project